What is the ACHA Your Way campaign?

The ACHA Your Way campaign is a year long virtual fundraising challenge encouraging ACHA members and supporters to fundraise using ACHA Your Way on their schedule. Bike, walk, run, dance, garden, to raise money and challenge friends and family to participate.

How do I particpate?

Sign up, customize your fundraising page, use your participant center to send emails to your friends and family, and self-donate to show your supporters your commitment to the cause!

I'm not sure what fundraiser to do. Can you help?

Absolutely! Visit our resources tab for inspiration or email us at giving@achaheart.org for help.

I don't want to set up a fundraiser, but I want to participate. How can I do that?

The easiest way to is to make a donation to the event by clicking here. You can also participate in someone else's virtual fundraiser!